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JASRS, founded in June 1993, is an organization of scholars interested in the study of various issues related to religion and society. Its membership at the time of April, 2014 is 560. Most of its members are scholars of religious studies, sociology, psychology of society, ethnology (anthropology), folklore, history, and psychiatry. However, scholars of other disciplines are also welcome. Further, those who are interested in the study of religion and society but are not actively engaged in academic pursuit are invited to participate as Associate Members.

The annual meeting features sessions on a variety of topics, symposia and workshops. Members of JASRS also voluntarily organize and conduct projects of short or long term.

For the particulars of JASRS, see Bylaws.

The annual meeting of 2014 will be held on 21-22 June at Tenri University.


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Japanese Association for the Study of Religion and Society
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